RX Prescription

You have discovered the discount drug card affiliate program that creates residual income for years to come ……
Help the 70 million Americans with no insurance, uninsured or under-insured, and even those WITH insurance, get the financial relief they need by distributing RXPrescription Drug Cards in your area. They’ll save instantly, while you earn up to $1 for every prescription filled, creating a lifetime residual income for yourself. Compared to similar programs, the 7-Gates drug card opportunity can use at any pharmacies and affiliates are able to earn more money.

The 7-Gates Discount Drug Card Program unnamed
Distribute beautifully designed cards in doctors’ offices, retail businesses, public spaces, and at local events. You’ll be helping others while earning money!

•We’ll help you affordably print 1,000 or more personalized Prescription Discount cards. The more cards you print and distribute, the more money you can make.

Card users save up to 85% on their prescription medications at over 60,000
pharmacies nationwide, including Walgreen’s, CVS, Rite-Aid, Target, Walmart, Costco, Kroger, and hundreds of other pharmacies.

Cards are free. No pre-registration or paperwork. Savings are immediate. Cards work for the entire family and never expire!

Card users can also save up to 50% on diabetic testing supplies. we also offers Patient Assistance Programs to help low income families get their medications for one low monthly fee, and a Mail Order Pharmacy that will deliver the nation’s lowest priced medications right to a person’s door.

Sign up to distribute cards, and each time one of your cards is used to fill a qualified prescription at a participating pharmacy, you’ll earn $1 or more for every prescription filled. Income builds month to month as existing card users get more prescriptions filled, while new card users are added through your distribution efforts.It’s That Simple.

Recruit others to sign-up and distribute cards, and you can earn even more. Each person or organization that distributes your cards contributes to your “group” volume, entitling you to additional compensation.

A Unique Opportunity For Insurance Agents Too!
Licensed insurance agents have a unique opportunity to earn thousands in lifetime residual income by doing nothing more than passing out their business cards.